Services - Coloured Concrete

 Coloured concrete provides a classy and cost effective alternative to plain concrete – ideal for driveways, patio area, pool surrounds, and pathways etc.

There are ways to colour concrete, the first and best way is to use a coloured oxide. This is also referred to as full depth coloured concrete – as the colour oxide is mixed with the concrete while still in the truck, so it mixes the thoroughly through the mix.

Colour concrete done using oxide is ideal because as the concrete wears out, the colour will stay consistent as it is thoroughly mixed through the slab. Most important thing to remember is different concrete loads must have the same concrete to oxide ratio to keep the concrete colour consistent. Generally it works by – e.g. 10 kg bag of oxide per 1 cubic metre of concrete.

The second method for colouring concrete is by using a colour hardener, this is done by throwing the colour on top of wet concrete once it has been levelled. The next step is to trowel the colour into the concrete. This is a very messy and labour intensive approach to coloured concrete. There are no real benefits to colouring your concrete this way, except it is cheaper in materials, the colour is generally inconsistent due to the method of application. It generally wears out over time, making the plain concrete below visible, which is undesirable. This method is outdated and not favoured by concrete professionals who would not compromise quality for cost.

At Base Concrete Brisbane, we believe coloured concrete should be done using a full depth colour oxide. When coloured concrete is done right it looks great and lasts for a very long time – definitely value for money for the result!

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