Services - Plain Concrete

Plain concrete is a hardwearing product, ideal for structural and non-structural building works, from residential homes to high rise buildings. Concrete is made up from materials such as cement, gravel, sand, fly ash, and water. It may also have certain chemical admixtures, when added, may speed up or slow down drying time of concrete. When the cement mixes with the water, a chemical reaction begins to take place – this is known as hydration. Long strong short, the cement acts like glue that holds the sand and aggregate together.
Traditionally plain concrete is just concrete on its own, with no reinforcement. Today, we refer to reinforced concrete as plain concrete – the ‘plain’ part refers to the fact it has no colour or decorative aspect to it. Plain concrete is very strong, and can withstand high compression pressure. With correct steel reinforcement, it has the ability to withstand high tension (stretching). Plain concrete also comes in different strengths, this is based on the cement to water ratio.

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